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Kommunale Ordnungsbehörde

Current Residence: Germany/Iserlohn
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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 5:20 AM

Peace be with you all!

Yeah I know that I keep coming in, promising I´d upload art but also be active. I am so sorry that I´ve kept you awaiting but most of my friends on Skype will and had understood.

So What´s new?
-Well I have been to Turkey and saw the  
lovely electoions there

-Summer vacations are over and now I am in my last grades that will decide my future.

-I became more busy due to heavy amount of studies.. (actually I study a bit and do something else the rest of the day :rofl:

-Developed some new styles but still need to work on my coloring..sometimes it looks horrible :XD:

-changed my username so people can recall it easier. (had to get Premium Membership.)

-That´s pretty much it. That sums up everything that happened recently. For any can ask me.

How have you been? Do you still recall me?
I also apologize for my partially activeness whilst I responded to some messages and some not. I sadly have been influenced by stress and have been pulled away.

I am usually available on Skype. (due to mobility since I can use it on my cellphone I carry with me all the time.)


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Old times pass by -fast by The-Abi
Old times pass by -fast
In this picture you can see my very first dragon-sona who/which went through a long phase of development and lifetime. So far I recall is that ABI was "founded" or "set onto paper" back in 2007 or 2006. ABI was a product of the program in which I animated: Macromedia Flash 8.
It was a lovely beginning and a lovely time.
ABI was involved in a lot of Videos, the one I could find were these ones.…
A lot of time passed and I drew him lesser and lesser.

ABI himself
He is a deadly predator, he seeks the best ways to get his prey, his prey is me. No cause for alarm, he just means it peacefully and hunts just playfully. He never means true harm and if he does, he only harms me in which he got permission to do would be bad if he would...attack others.
Imagine him as a wild rotating deadly-sharp razor.
He also posesses a Dark-Side...he still is a part of the Spryo-Community that existed on DeviantArt 5-7 years ago. But after a stated to fade away..more and more.

Details about ABI
He got on his flanks and shoulders the capital letters "A" and a necklace with his name written on it. His name is always written in capital letters people tend to forget that and call him my name in the correct spelling.

Difference: Abi=Me        ABI= That blue dragon there

Drawing (c) :iconthe-abi:
Feelings. by The-Abi
This time I practiced on ArtRage 2.6 which came with the tablet I bought in Winter 2010 I guess.
That is the product of drawing 20-30 minutes long on my Tablet before school starts.

The picture itself: Just a random lemon dragon creature who even got fur...but is crying and hiding in the darkness.

Just practice, however life isn´t that nice neither.

Artwork and character (c) :iconthe-abi:
Dust and Sand by The-Abi
Dust and Sand
The picture here depicts myself, a desert landscape, a red car passing by on the road and a small shop/car part shop..and a traffic light and some environmental stuff.

I actually drew this just for practice purposes, I barely put high efforts in it and wanted to use/test the tools I have on Paint Tool Sai :meow:

I actually am not really satisfied with the result/ the tools Paint Tool Sai offers..I require shading tools and other stuff related to it. I like to do shadings but it takes a lot of time into consideration.
However, the feeling of the warmth of the desert is (in my opinion) decently depicted and yeah, I mentioned above: Practice.

I am still not used to draw fully digitally and sometimes I get too distracted.
But since kind and lovely people kept asking me to publish some of my art since they were part of me when they first met me..I can understand that :meow: also appreciate it very much.

I might require help though...due to just sketching and painting in school which is not really helping me develop my style especially coloring..I require badly help.

That´s actually it. But I worked hard on the Dragon Anatomy to get it right....anyways.

Enjoy this blurry and dusty picture :rofl:

Picture + OC :iconthe-abi: (c)
New I.D. for dA by The-Abi
New I.D. for dA
Peace be with you dear visitors, friends and guests! :wave:

My name is Abi, currently a student in his last year of graduation and looking toward/into a bright/dark future!

As many friends could tell, feel, object.. I have been pretty inactive on deviantArt due to the lack of time but also the lack of motivation to become active again within the community which raised my English to a very decent and advanced level.

I spent a lot of time on here but sadly due to the demographic change but also the aging...people..friends I used to know are adults or just entered the category of a teenager.
However, I am not really doing good due to financial and other issues which keep me busy a lot.
Besides school I have been active in the Communal Council for Youth for 4 years but due to my urge to help..I became a honorary Firefighter and already had a lot of runs, calls and emergency calls. It is breath-taking to be very near the flames but also very dangerous.

All in all I am officially announcing that I will start uploading some drawings with or without efforts (Time tells I cannot shade in detail and forces me to simply color it)
But thanks to :iconshy-waifu: I have now a new drawing tool called Paint tool SAI but also got motivated by her to start drawing again :tighthug::heart:

That´s basically it
Here some Infos about the drawing itself
Time: arund 1hour or so, very slight efforts given though to details
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Artwork and character that represents me: drawn by :iconthe-abi: (c) (Copyright)
Wall of Abi by The-Abi
Wall of Abi
Location: Scotland , Edinburgh , Hostel

I noticed a lot of people wrote down stuff or drew something on the walls of the hostel which looks similar to a rasta crack house bar or something.. so I found a barely touched space and asked for permission if I can draw myself on the wall and a friend who drew the chibi Snake (from Metal Gear Solid) joint me. We both love to draw~

However I wanted to upload something at my last stay here in the UK. IT was lovely but yeah.

Drawing: Can be found at Backpackers Hostel in Edinburgh
Artist: :iconthe-abi: (c)
Message: ABI 2015 means A-level. A high degree of a graduation once you finish school

And as my friends love to say: Well there ya go M8, GeGe Hayterz~

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